Cx File Explorer Old Versions Download For Android 2024


CX File Explorer Old Versions List

CX File Explorer is a powerful file management app. Sometimes, new versions may have bugs or errors, so you might want to install an old version of the app. If you want to download an old version of CX File Explorer, you can do so by clicking on the version name of the app.

Version Status Date Info
CX File Explorer v2.2.1 Current 06/05/24
  • Enhanced cloud storage integration
CX File Explorer v2.2.0 Old 05/04/24
  • Improved file transfer speed
CX File Explorer v2.1.9 Old 02/04/24
  • Minor bug fixes
CX File Explorer v2.1.8 Old 01/15/24
  • Added support for new file formats
CX File Explorer v2.1.7 Old 11/25/23
  • Performance improvements
CX File Explorer v2.1.6 Old 10/10/23
  • Enhanced UI design
CX File Explorer v2.1.5 Old 12/20/23
  • Added new file management features
CX File Explorer v2.1.3 Old 12/14/23
  • Improved security features
CX File Explorer v2.1.2 Old 12/10/23
  • Enhanced file search functionality
CX File Explorer v2.1.1 Old 12/07/23
  • General performance updates
CX File Explorer v2.1.0 Old 12/07/23
  • New UI enhancements
CX File Explorer v2.0.9 Old 11/24/23
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
CX File Explorer v2.0.8 Old 11/23/23
  • Added cloud storage support
CX File Explorer v2.0.7 Old 11/20/23
  • Improved file transfer speed
CX File Explorer v2.0.6 Old 11/16/23
  • Improved file organization features

Why Use CX File Explorer Old Versions?

Are you having trouble with the latest cx File Explorer update or just like the old version better? Don’t worry! You can switch back to the older version if you want. If you find bugs or prefer how the old version looks, you can another version.

How to Install Cx File Explorer Old Versions?

To install an older version of Cx File Explorer, follow the same steps as installing the latest version. First, uninstall the current version. Then, download the version you want and install it just like any other app.

Thank You For Downloading!


Are the old versions of Cx File explorer Safe?

Yes, they all are safe to use.